Compost Pickup

Curbside Compost Pickup

The Compost Queen offers convenient, affordable curbside compost pickup service for residences in Franklin County, MA.  We also offer pickup service for parties, events, and special occasions of all sizes.

Residential Compost Pickup Service

The Compost Queen provides you with a 5-gallon bucket.  You select the frequency of pickups to suit your needs.  If you’re not sure how often you need pickup service, the Compost Queen will work with you to find the right fit. Put your food scraps and other compostables in the bucket, and the Compost Queen will pick it up and give you a fresh bucket.  Easy peasy! The Compost Queen also provides you with a voucher for the equivalent of one bucket of compost for every 3 buckets of food scraps that she picks up.  Vouchers can be redeemed at any time (expect during cold weather months). If you don’t need compost, you can opt out of the vouchers and rest assured that someone else will use the compost generated from your material.

Rates start at just $20/month!

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Compost Pickup for Parties, Events, and Special Occasions

Want to make your party or event a smashing success that everyone will talk about for years to come?  Start by making it a green event by hiring the Compost Queen to manage your waste!

Do you feel guilty throwing away all those paper plates, cups, and napkins along with your food scraps? Why not compost them?  The Compost Queen makes it easy and affordable!  We will also help you choose compostable cutlery and other party supplies.  Or if you prefer, you can buy them directly through us to make your party planning that much easier!

The Compost Queen provides compost pickup service to parties events, and special occasions of all sizes in Franklin County in Massachusetts.

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