Getting out in your garden – what to plant in April

Planting seedsThe snow is finally gone and the sun is beginning to warm up the soil.  Crocuses and daffodils are blooming, and the green leaves of the tulips and hyacinths are are getting taller everyday.  What a relief after this long, cold winter!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself itching to start digging in the dirt and planting some seeds.  But what exactly can you plant right now?  Well, in mid to late April here in New England you can plant the following:


That should get you started until the weather warms up enough to plant more tender crops.

Before you plant, be sure to clean up any debris from last year, turn some compost into your soil, and give it a gentle raking.  A 2-4 inch layer of compost will do nicely to add some nutrients back into your soil and ensure a vibrant crop for this year.

If you need some compost, the Compost Queen has plenty for sale.  Click here for more info.  And if you need help prepping your garden beds, we can help with that too.  Click here for more on our gardening services.

Spring is a magical time of growth and renewal.  May you find joy in exploring the changes your garden has to offer throughout the season.   Happy gardening and happy spring!

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