How to keep your compost bucket from getting yucky

scraps1As food begins to break down and decompose, it can get pretty smelly – especially meat.  Here are a couple of tips for keeping your compost bucket from getting yucky.

  • Put your food scraps (especially meat) in a plastic bag or container and then toss them in the freezer. Then when the bag is full (or you run out of room), you can put it in your bucket.  This will also minimize the amount of trips you have to make to your bucket.
  • Wrap meat scraps in newspaper.  This will help keep the smell down and prevent maggots from setting up camp.
  •  If your bucket starts to get slimy, try putting some shredded newspaper in there.  It will help dry it out.
  • Also, consider investing in a countertop compost pail.  These come with a filter on them that keep fruit flies from getting in.  You can get one of these doo-dads at the Farmer’s Cooperative Exchange or Wilson’s Department Store in Greenfield – or plenty of places online.

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